Campus History

As our apparel start was on college campuses, this end of our business just seemed like a natural fit. Through a 3AM brainstorm an idea was brought to the forefront to hire reps at college campuses. The thought was that they could help with the sales of apparel and promo items to groups on college campuses.

In 2010 we decided to give our idea a try. We hired our first three reps at our alma mater (Bradley University) and our campus rep model was born. By the end of 2010, we had reps at five campuses regionally and we have had reps at as many as 30 campuses across the nation.

Today, our campus rep program continues to give valuable experience to students across America. From prospecting, to selling, design to execution, our reps leave campus with experiential learning that helps them far into the future.

Campus Reps

  • Our on campus college reps work at the college they are attending
  • Their goal is to fulfill apparel, design, and marketing needs for organizations and businesses located on or around their campus
  • Our reps receive compensation in the form of commission and also receive great experience in advertising, brand development, product management, design, market research, public relations, professional selling, social media, and customer relations
  • The typical rep is a sophomore or higher in college and is someone who is outgoing and connected on campus.  They do not necessarily have to be a marketing/sales major
  • This position is not the typical 9-5 job, but we do have weekly/monthly expectations with each of our reps.  Although we will not be over your shoulder telling you what to do, we will be in contact often to help you through anything you need while on board with us
  • Interested in applying?  Please send a resume to

Campus Apparel