In the world of apparel, the ways in which you can decorate your apparel are constantly evolving. At Gainlight, we do our best to constantly add the newest and best methods. Along with traditional decoration methods like screen printing and embroidery, we offer a number of other creative techniques that help your organization stand out on your campus. Methods like sequins, foil, discharge, color discharge, foam embroidery and sublimation give you industry leading methods for your creative disposal.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the industry standard for decoration. It utilizes screens and ink to decorate your apparel with any design you can imagine. The inks utilized in our printing ensure a long-lasting imprint that often will last as long as the garment it is printed on. Screen printing has a variety of methods itself for decorating your shirts!


Embroidery utilizes stitches to decorate your garment. Your design is sewn into the fabric and creates a long lasting imprint for the apparel you choose. While embroidery typically costs more than most screen printing, there are no additional charges for colors as costs are dependent on the amount of stitches required to decorate.


Gainlight Campus is one of the few apparel providers that uses a method of decoration called Hotfix Sequins. Unlike traditional sequins that can weigh a garment down, hotfix are heat pressed onto the shirt allowing for a light feel and more durability. We are  able to not only do your organization’s text, but your logo as well while being able to place it on just about any garment you could want!


The foil decoration process utilizes heat applied metallic transfers that gives your garment that signature shiny metal look!  This is a very popular and trendy method currently and really helps to separate your organization from others on campus.


Discharge printing is a screen printing technique that removes the ink from the garment and returns it to its original color. This means that since there is nothing printed or adhered to the piece of apparel, the original weight of the garment remains the same while providing a consistent soft feel. Color Discharge is also possible and that is where another step is taken to add a color to the shirt. This process is designed for 100% cotton apparel.


Dye sublimation is a decorating process that utilizes heat to transfer dye onto the fabric of your garment. Sublimation printing works great for all over prints or prints where high resolution is needed like faces or high resolution images. Combining this with other techniques like sequins also allows for a very creative and one-off look! The only restriction is that it is designed to work on polyester shirts, but polyester blends do work as well.