Apparel Services

Our start in apparel was with two orders for groups at Bradley University, but has since exploded into different industries including athletics, construction, schools, campaigns, and non-profits. What started with a few basic screen printed t-shirts has morphed into selling thousands of garments with varied decorating methods over the years.


We are so much more than your local screen printer. The apparel decoration methods we have at our disposal are far reaching and enables us to create items that are 100% custom and 100% memorable. Each and every order is taken through our custom apparel process to ensure you receive the quality item you have been dreaming of, when you need it, and within your budget.


We have the ability to decorate on any type of garment you are looking for and our apparel providers have anything you could possibly want. In the rare chance they do not, we will go to the ends of the Earth looking for a provider that has the items you are looking for.

Apparel Process

In order to get the project started properly, sharing your vision for your desired end product is of vital importance. The idea stage ensures we all start off on the same page from the onset!

Collecting necessary details regarding the design and desired garments is next. This information follows your apparel project through completion and establishes not only what the design will be, but what garment we will be decorating.

This is where your idea comes to life! Our talented designers take your idea and desired garment and mock it up so you can envision what the finished project will be. Any necessary artwork changes are worked through to ensure you are a satisfied customer.

Your approval of the completed design and garment is necessary before we send items to production. This ensures a final check of all designs and sizes to positively ensure the final order has the correct design and quantity of the desired garment.

Once approved, your design gets sent to production. Our talented production staff takes your design and decorates your desired apparel. A final check of ordered sizes is done and your item is then shipped to your door!

Apparel Work