• Order Details

    The details of your order are likely the most important portion of your project. In this step we collect design details, garment type, sizes of everything in the order, quantity of items, and any other details to ensure the success of your apparel order. Our trained campus reps assist you in this process to ensure that it is 100% correct. Even in the age of automation via the Internet, we find it is impossible to replace a person working side-by-side with you to ensure the success of your order.

  • Design

    After order details are collected, we then move into the design phase. While you can always provide your own print ready artwork, we find that many clients lack this ability meaning that design time is always included in our shirt costs. Whether it is a design you have created in chicken scratch in your notebook or something that has inspired you, our reps and designers work with you to ensure we create awesome apparel for your organization and/or event.

  • Fulfillment

    The fulfillment phase takes place once you have approved your design. We begin by ordering the necessary apparel and sending it to production. There, your item will be screen printed, embroidered, or otherwise decorated depending on what you have ordered. Once the production of your order is complete, the order is quality checked for design, quantity, and sizing. If everything is accounted for according to the project details, we then ship the items directly to you!